5 Reasons Why Peppermint Oil Will Make You Healthier

The health benefits and therapeutic value of peppermint essential oil has been well known since ancient times. Even today peppermint oil is still being recognized as one of the most valuable herbal remedies that people can use in treating different health problems.

Peppermint can be used in various forms including herbal tea, capsules, pure essential oil and of course, the plant itself.  In this article I will focus using the essential oil for its health benefits.


The cooling and soothing effect of peppermint essential oil has been proven effective to give rapid relief from even the worst headaches and migraines.

Rub a few drops onto the temples, sinuses and forehead for quick relief.  This method can also provide relief from headaches due to vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light or noise.

A word of caution – don’t apply the oil to close to your eyes or nose as it can be very strong.  After applying it, keep your eyes closed for a few minutes and breathe deeply to allow the powerful aromas get to work.

Another way to help with headaches is to use a cold compress.  See how to do that here.

Stomach Problems

Massaging Stomach with Oil

Peppermint essential oil contains properties that help induce the expulsion of gas from the intestines and stomach. This is what makes it very helpful in treating flatulence and related stomach problems.

The oil has an antispasmodic action which works by relaxing the digestive muscles and as a result improving their ability to function.

To use it on for stomach problems, dilute well (1 drop to 10 drops carrier oil) and massage the stomach and abdomen in a clockwise direction.

Drinking peppermint tea can also help with stomach issues and complement the essential oil massage.

Respiratory Problems

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in many natural chest rubs.  It is known to be helpful for providing relief from sinusitis, nasal congestion and bronchitis. The menthol content of peppermint oil is what helps it to clear the respiratory tract.

Peppermint oil also has expectorant properties which makes it very helpful for people affected with the common cough and cold.

To help with respiratory problems, dilute a few drops in carrier oil and rub onto the chest and back.  Also, add a few drops to a diffuser so it can be inhaled.

Another case where peppermint oil can help with breathing is if your head is stuffed up or you can’t stop coughing.  In this case, use peppermint oil for a steam treatment to help clear the congestion.

Stress and Anxiety

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Feature

The refreshing effects of peppermint oil can provide great relief from stress and anxiety. It is also known to work wonders for people experiencing mental exhaustion, restlessness and depression.

For relief from stress, apply some drops of peppermint oil onto your temples or various areas of your body before soaking in a tub or stepping in the shower.  

You could also apply a few drops to the bottom of the shower before stepping in and breathing deep.

Peppermint oil can be used in a diffuser around the office and home to help with stress and anxiety too.  Use it alone or choose a blend of oils.

Mental Alertness

If you find yourself having trouble focusing on a demanding task, place peppermint oil in a diffuser to help stimulate your brain’s ability to focus while improving mental agility.

Peppermint oil is great for raising energy levels especially during mid afternoons when your mental alertness may start to decline.  The energizing scent of peppermint essential oil will help ‘wake’ you up and give a feeling of alertness and mental clarity.

Some people eat peppermints to help them stay awake and alert. You can even mix a couple of drops of peppermint oil in a glass of cold water to ‘wake’ you up without the need to resort to coffee.


Peppermint oil has some amazing therapeutic properties to go with its beautifully refreshing smell.  Using it regularly for any of the above reasons will improve your health naturally.

It is truly a pleasure to use and a universal favorite, so make sure to always have a bottle on hand.  It is definitely one essential oil to never be without.


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