9 Simple Ways You Can Enjoy Essential Oils

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of essential oils and there are quite a few different ways I use them every day. No doubt you will be familiar with some of these methods, but I hope there are a few new ideas too.

There are many other things you can do with essential oils such as cleaning, pet care, pest control and more. But, here the focus is on ‘enjoying’ the aromatic and health benefits of essential oils.

Let’s dive in and take a look at 9 simple ways you can enjoy essential oils every day.

1. Self Massage/Body Rub

This is something I do every morning after my shower. You can see my recipe for this Invigorating Body Rub here (scroll to the bottom of the post).

Doing this each morning not only moisturizes your body, but it also gets you started for the day. Breathing in the aromas gives an emotional and energy boost.

While I do it in the morning, you can do this at any time of day with your preferred oils. If showering before bed, add in some relaxing and soothing oils e.g. lavender, chamomile

2. Diffusion

This is my second daily ritual with essential oils. Using a diffuser helps to permeate my home and office with essential oils. Every day is different and sometimes a blend is ideal, other days it may just be a single oil.

There are many benefits to using a diffuser including improved energy and better health. Diffusion is an effective way to fill your environment with healing, air-freshening aromas.  While you can diffuse any essential oils, check out this post for the best ones to get started with.

3. Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is a simple way to use aromatherapy for respiratory problems. It is also particularly effective when you are under the weather with a cold or flu.

To do a steam inhalation, prepare a bowl with boiling water. Add 3 to 7 drops of essential oil (for cold and flu see this post) and cover your head with a towel. This forms a type of steam tent. Close your eyes, and breathe through the nose.

4. Direct Inhalation

Apart from steam inhalation there are a few other ways to inhale essential oils directly.

Direct Inhalation Bottle of Essential Oils

Straight from the bottle – sometimes this all you need to get the aromatic benefits of the oil. Simply remove the lid and breathe deeply a few times for maximum results.

Tip a few drops into your palms, rub them together and then cup you hands and breathe. Again, the essential oil molecules will quickly permeate the body and brain.

Place a few drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale. The beauty of this is you can take it in your purse or pocket.

Add a few drops to your pillow before going to bed. You might choose an oil to help with sleep, or it may be to help with breathing or snoring.

Direct inhalation is great to take the benefits of essential oils with you wherever you go. Whether you take a small bottle, or add some drops to a tissue, you can keep the oils close at hand throughout the day.

I actually have a small ‘travel pack’ of oils that stays in my handbag (like these). Included are peppermint, lavender, frankincense and tea tree oils.  With these 4 oils, I can ‘cure’ a lot of things – headache, cuts, bruises, burns. Not to mention a whiff of ‘pick me up’ (peppermint) or ‘chill out’ (lavender, frankincense) if needed.

5. Massage Blends

This is where I combine essential oils with a carrier oil (usually sweet almond or coconut oil) and rub it in. The most common reason is for sore muscles using the oils in this post. A massage helps with pain relief and recovery.

Another reason for massage is to overcome illness. A massage will help support the body to heal faster.

6. In The Shower

This is another great way to kick start your day. Plug your drain (if you can’t plug it, just lay a small face cloth or flannel over the drain hole), and add a few drops of oil to the floor of your shower.

This creates a therapeutic steam that will envelop your whole body. Take a few seconds to breathe in the oil aromas and enjoy the scent.

I love doing this with rosemary or peppermint oil. One tip is to leave the bottle in the shower – it’s way too easy to forget this otherwise 😉

7. Add to Creams And Lotions

Unscented face cream for essential oils

This is an easy way to rejuvenate your skin. Buy unscented body lotions and facial creams then add your chosen essential oils. Now you will have personalized skin care products that exactly suit your skin. Check out this post for the best essential oils for your skin.

Combining essential oils will improve your skin tone and slow down aging of the skin. It can also reduce the visibility of scars, increase local circulation, and encourage skin hydration.

And another thing, it will cost you a lot less than expensive skin care products.

8. In the Bath

Adding essential oils to the bath is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate your body.

The way I do it is to add the essential oils to a ‘carrier’ before adding them to the bath. This way they disperse better and don’t just ‘float’ on the water.

The two carriers I use is either Epsom salts or milk. Use about a cup of either, add 5 to 12 drops of essential oils, and then add it to the running bath. Stir it all around to mix it well and then slip in and enjoy.

If you need something for sore muscles, go with Epsom salts. Otherwise, the milk is a luxurious addition that makes it feel like a spa at home.

An essential oil bath is not only helps you relax but can also any muscle pain or soreness. Other health benefits include increased local circulation, detoxification, and improved skin health. So do try and treat yourself to a bath as often as you can.

9. Perfume

This is the chance to create your own individual scent. Use a blend or a single oil – just make it something you love. Dab it just like perfume to all the pulse points and leave a trail of aroma as you go about your day.

So there you have it, my 9 simple ways to enjoy essential oils. I hope you’ve discovered something new to try whether you are an essential oil ‘veteran’ or just getting started.

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