How To Use Lemons In A DIY Beauty Routine

Sometimes we take for granted the simplest of things. Like lemons! They are a common fruit in most homes for many culinary reasons. But did you know they are also a wonderful addition to your beauty routine?

Lemons have a large number of properties that make them perfect for DIY beauty – antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant. They can do a lot for your skin and body without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Here are six ways that you can include them in your DIY beauty routine.

1. Homemade Sugaring Wax

Lemon juice can be used to make a natural homemade wax. It is possible to make a harder wax to use alone, or a softer wax to use with fabric strips.

To make the wax:

  • Combine sugar (2 cups for hard wax, 1 cup for soft wax), 1/4 cup water, and 1/4 cup lemon juice in a heated pan and bring it to the boil.
  • Let it boil for 5-7 minutes then remove from heat right away.
  • Pour into a preheated jar or container. Let it cool (and thicken) for 15 minutes.
  • When done cooling, it is ready to use.
Homemade Sugaring Wax

For hard wax, roll it into a ball and then spread onto the area to be waxed. Pull in the opposite direction that hair grows, and repeat until all hair is removed.

For soft wax, apply wax to the area and spread. Apply a fabric strip over the top, then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat.

2. Lemon Hair Rinse

Lemons can reduce the dullness of your hair and give it a shine. Use it as a hair rinse instead of shampooing.

This is best done in the shower.  To rinse your hair, pour about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice onto the palm of your hand and rub into your hair slowly. Wait about a minute before rinsing out of your hair.

3. Natural Lemon Highlights

Lemon juice is a more organic way to get natural highlights than harsh chemical treatments. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than going to a salon.

To lighten your hair, juice a lemon (or two – depending on hair length) and apply the juice directly to your hair. Sit in the sunlight until it’s dry, then wash your hair.

Lemon Natural Higlights

This method of natural highlights won’t work for everyone though. It’s best for people who have lighter hair.

4. Lemon Oatmeal Face Scrub

The antibacterial properties of lemon juice gives it an acne-fighting ability. As a result, this face scrub works very well on oily or acne prone skin and it is not as harsh as other acne medications.

But it’s not just for oily skin, any type of skin will enjoy the exfoliation and freshness from this scrub.

Start with 1/2 cup rolled oats and 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice. If possible, blend the oats up to make them easier to apply to your face. Add the lemon juice to the oats to make a paste. If it’s too thick, add a bit more lemon juice or water to get the right consistency.

Massage into your face for about 30 seconds, being careful to avoid the eye area. Rinse with warm water.

5. Lemon Salt Body Scrub

Lemon is so good to use on your face, and guess what! It’s good to use on the rest of your body too. This delicious lemon salt scrub will improve your mood as the wonderful smell of lemon calms the body and mind.

A word of caution…you shouldn’t use salt scrubs everydaybut using them once a week is fine.

Lemon Salt Body Scrub

What you need:

  • Zest from one lemon (use a zester)
  • Juice from one lemon
  • 1 cup coarse salt (Himalayan, rock or sea salt
  • 1/3 cup almond oil (or olive oil or coconut oil)
  • Few drops essential oil (optional)

Combine the ingredients in a jar or bowl and mix well.

If you choose to use an essential oil, I would suggest lavender, rosemary, lemongrass or geranium. Or make a few different batches and try them all!

For best results, use it in the bath or shower (it can get a bit messy). Apply gently to wherever your body needs it, or all over, then rinse off. It will keep for a few months thanks to the preservative power of salt.

6. Lemon Cucumber Toner

Using lemon as a toner is a great way to get happy, blemish free skin.

To make this natural toner, combine lemon juice, cucumber slices, and cold water in a jar. You can also add some lemon slices.  There are no hard and fast rules on quantities.  Make enough to last a few days at a time.

Apply to your face with a cotton ball. It is best to store this mixture in the refrigerator. That way it will last 3-4 days.

I hope you enjoy these six ways to use the humble lemon in your DIY beauty routine. Not only will your skin and hair thank you, but you will save money too.


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