How To Make Peppermint Oil Lip Balm At Home

This homemade peppermint oil lip balm is my favorite. It is moisturizing, fresh and has a delicious smell. If you have chapped, dry lips it will certainly help, but I love using it anytime.

Peppermint oil is a natural ‘pick me up’ that will make you feel…well…’peppy’. So it is great to use this lip balm any time during the day, not only for your lips, but to breathe in the energizing aroma.

Although this is a fantastic, refreshing balm you need to make sure it is right for you. Peppermint oil can irritate the skin so it is best to test it first on a small area of skin. That is, if you haven’t used it before.

Even if you have no problem with peppermint oil, you don’t want to overuse it. A couple of drops as indicated in the recipe is more than enough for this quantity of lip balm.

Peppermint Oil Lip Balm



  1.  Combine the shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax in a small glass jar or jug.
Peppermint Oil Lip Balm Step 1

2.  Pour some water into the base of a small pan and stand the glass jar inside.

Peppermint Oil Lip Balm Step 2

3.  Put the pan on low heat, just barely simmering.  Leave until all the ingredients melt.

4.  Once everything is melted, remove from the heat.  Add the peppermint oil and stir to combine with a metal spoon.

Peppermint Oil Lip Balm Step 3

5.  Pour mixture into a small container.

Peppermint Oil Lip Balm Step 4

6.  Make sure you do this quickly as the mixture can solidify fast.  If you don’t get it all transferred at once, just reheat and finish the job.

A Few Notes:

  • While I don’t think it will last long, it is important to remember that as a natural product, there are no preservatives to prolong shelf life.  It should last a few months, but this really depends on storage conditions.
  • Also, when using the product, ensure your fingers are clean so no bacteria is introduced to the balm.   If it is, it can spoil quickly.
  • Spearmint oil would be a good ‘minty’ substitute.
  • Cocoa butter could be substituted for the shea butter – this would give a choc-mint lip balm!

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