Hi, I’m Sammie, a ‘maven’ for natural living.

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My aim on this website is to spread the word (that’s what mavens do!) on how to make natural choices a simple, everyday part of life.

That’s me now, but it wasn’t always this way!  Many years ago, I completed a degree in chemistry.  Unnatural odors, chemicals that could burn if handled the wrong way and white lab coats were my daily routine.

In fact, I can still remember the ‘smell’ of the chemistry building on campus.  A bit like a song can transport you back to a certain time and place, that ‘smell’ brings back a flood of memories.

I had a lot of fun during my study years and while I don’t miss the smells and toxic substances, I must thank chemistry for leading me to essential oils.  This was the beginning of my ‘natural’ bent in life.

It started with an experiment in organic chemistry to extract peppermint oil via steam distillation. This meant putting plant matter in one end of a still and getting a few precious drops of oil out the other.

It was love at first whiff!

Not only was the process fascinating to me (yeh, a bit nerdy I know), but it was the best smell I came across in the whole 3 years.

Soon after I came across a small ‘hippy’ store selling lots of fabulous things…including essential oils!  I had no idea you could actually buy these beauties and use them at home (they didn’t teach us much about commerce, just chemistry!).

There was only a small selection of oils and after a quick smell test, I honed straight in on Geranium oil.  It is still my still my favourite oil today.  I purchased a bottle along with a copy of Valerie Woodward’s ‘The Fragrant Pharmacy’.  It was through this book I discovered that there is a lot more to essential oils than great smell.

From that day essential oils and aromatherapy became a part of my life.  I still refer to the book often (there is sooo much information in it).  And most days a few drops of Geranium oil go into my body moisturiser.

My interest in all things ‘natural’ has continued to grow.  Today, as a Mum to 3 active kids I am always looking to reduce the ‘chemicals’ in our life (ironic isn’t it?).

Natural products and routines are part of our daily life.  We always try to minimise processed, artificial and refined products when it comes to health, beauty, cleaning and food.

Why bother with natural choices?  Apart from reducing chemicals, it is a more sustainable and often less costly way of life.

So that brings us to Natural Mavens.  This is where I share all I can on natural living.

I hope you find lots of inspiration, ideas and resources to live more naturally.  If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, please contact me using the form below.

Yours Naturally,

Sammie xx