10 Easy House Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Time

General house cleaning can sometimes be a bore. Who wants to spend an entire day tediously cleaning the house anyway? (Not me, for sure!) On the flip side, people also don’t want to live in a dirty house!

They say, your house reflects the kind of owner you are. So if your things are strewn here and there or if your kitchen is mucky and just downright gross – then we don’t even need to do a background check on you! We get it – you hate cleaning.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Try these effective 10 house cleaning hacks that’ll make cleaning fun and quick!

And the best part is, they are natural hacks that don’t rely on any harsh chemicals to do the job.

1. Place Doormats in Every House Entrance

I’m not talking about placing one doormat – but two! Don’t forget to put a doormat inside and outside the house. You’ll get rid of the unwanted dirt, mud, and other yucky stuff on people’s shoes – TWICE!

2. Use An Old Dryer Sheet for Cleaning House Dust

A house may look squeaky clean from afar but when you scrutinize furniture, blinds, or every nook and cranny up close – surprise! – irritating specks of dust are present everywhere! Of course, we know they’re very adamant in staying and tough to clean as well.

Get an old dryer sheet and use it to clean house dust. It will not only get rid of it but the anti-static factor prevents dust from piling up again.

3. Clean Burned Pans with Water and Vinegar

This is one of the things that rankles the heck out of everybody. And the worst part is – this happens almost every day because pans are used for your daily cooking.

Put water in your pan and a cup of white vinegar. Turn the stove on for a few minutes. Once you turn it off, put two tablespoons of baking soda and voila – scrubbing a burned pan made easy!

4. We’re Not Done with Water and Vinegar Yet – Microwave Ovens Are Next!

Mix half and half of water and vinegar and put in the microwave (uncovered) for three to five minutes, maybe more depending on how filthy it is. Then, cool the oven down and start cleaning with a cloth or sponge.

5. Speaking of Sponge – Use the Microwave to Sanitize It

Sponges hold a lot of bacteria and some people don’t even realize it. While buying a new sponge is really cheap and easy, it’s somehow not environmentally friendly. Sanitize your old sponges by putting them in the microwave for a few minutes and they’ll be germ-free!

6. Clean as You Go in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the areas some people don’t like cleaning. So why not clean it every day while you’re showering?

Spray all your shower down everywhere and clean with your feet (for the tiles) and hands (for everything else).  Use a natural, plant based cleaner like this one.

7. Damp Towels Clean Grills Like Magic

When you’re done with barbeque-and-beer night, unplug your grill, place a damp towel on the surface and close it. The remaining steam will do the cleaning like a piece of cake!

8. Water for Clean Mirrors

All you need are paper towels, water, and a spray bottle. Spray the mirrors with water to loosen the grime. Then wipe with paper towels in a circular motion until it’s clean. Lastly, for a streak-free finish, wipe it with a clean paper towel and do vertical motions this time.

Now you can check yourself out in that squeaky clean mirror all day!

9. Keep Those Chrome Faucets and Fixtures Shiny with Baby Oil

This is as simple as ABC. Grab a soft cloth and a pour a few drops of baby oil on the clean cloth and polish your heart out. See your faucets and fixtures sparkle.

10. Socks for Easy and Comfortable Dust Removal

Grab a sock (do yourself a favor – not a soiled one please). Mix equal parts water and vinegar. Then dip the sock in the mixture as needed while you’re cleaning the dust in those hard-to-get areas of your home.

These simple yet effective home cleaning hacks will save you time, money, and stress.  They help you clean as you go and not have to clean everything all at once.

Another tip to make cleaning more enjoyable is to schedule which areas in the house you need to clean for different days. That way you’ll be doing small sections regularly, not one big clean at a time.

Both of these approaches make house cleaning much less of a burden and time suck.

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